Miss World

Miss World

Beauty is about how you behold

more than silver more than gold

if I say I am beautiful

it means beauty is accessible,

beauty is about how you greet

de everyday people dat you meet

you are beautiful so all rejoice

your beauty is a natural choice.


My sister is a beautiful girl

she don't want to be Miss World

her value is not prize money

more value than a pearl

my sister is a beautiful girl

human delight

she could be out of sight but she would rather stay and fight.


Her legs are firm and strong

best for self-defence

my sister kicks like wildfire

so cause her no grievance

she won't walk the platform

to upsex people's lust

and you can' get the number of her height, age or bust,

she don't want to go to the market

to be viewed like a slave

the viewing time is over

put de judge in the grave,

she don't need to go to the market

'cause she's already won

beauty contest no contest

she don't need to run.


I talk 'bout people in society who judge you by your looks, den,

give you a number dat is written in a book, and, lustful eyes

from all around come to look at you, and, day judge your lifetime

by a quick interview.


My sister is a beautiful girl

her personality cannot be rewarded by no judge or earl.

My sister is a beautiful girl

She needs no contest

and you can't put her with another judging who's the best.

And you cannot judge my sister's heart

By looking at her breasts.


B. Zephaniah